Insurance Resource Center & FAQ

Insurance Resource Center

United Restoration is proud to be a steadfast resource to our clients, not only providing emergency services after a disaster, but also to help educate them in all areas of the restoration process. When disaster strikes your home or business, such as water damage, it is imperative to promptly report your claim to your insurance carrier and review your policy thoroughly. United Restoration offers 24 hour emergency response teams and onsite insurance specialists to help you get the consideration and money you deserve. Do not let the insurance company strong arm you into settling your claim for less than what you are entitled to. Let us deal with your insurance carrier so you don’t have to.

Report Your Claim Promptly and Review Your Policy

Make sure you have a current copy of your Homeowner’s or Business Owners Policy and understand the perils that are covered. Get familiar with your policy, the pages that state your name, property address, insurance breakdown and endorsement codes are called your “Declaration Pages”. Make sure to check the stated dollar limits for your main coverage categories such as, Dwelling, Contents (also known as personal property), Additional Living Expenses (ALE), and Liability coverage’s if applicable.

Document Your Loss Thoroughly

Make sure to take detailed notes of your loss, photographs and written proof of ownership can be very valuable in supporting your claim. It is important to specify all of your lost and/or damaged items. Additionally, saving receipts for all of your larger purchases may help facilitate your claim more efficiently and get you reimbursed according to your policy.

Understand Your Rights

Every State has its own set of legislation concerning insurance standards and procedures that insurance companies must follow. You are required to cooperate with reasonable requests for information from your insurance company, however, do not allow yourself to be rushed into a quick insurance settlement. Insurance companies will sometimes “hurry along” claims with the intention of under paying you the money you deserve. Make sure to review all documents and do not sign any waivers that release the insurer from any further obligations until you have consulted with an insurance specialist or attorney, and are fully satisfied with the settlement paid.

Be Honest

When filing a claim, make sure to honestly represent the actual value of your destroyed items. Sometimes people believe that inflating the value or quality of their damaged or destroyed belongings will result in more settlement monies. Falsely claiming items you do not own can jeopardize your entire claim and can ultimately lead to legal penalties.

Flood & Storm Coverage

Most commercial and residential insurance policies do not cover flood or windstorm damage. You may purchase such coverage on a separate policy.

Flood & Storm Coverage

The length of time your insurance company takes to complete processing your claim may depend on several factors. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the insurance company may take their time to process your claim. Our internal claims department is always available to help answer any questions you may have, and offer real-time updates of your claim. Our commitment is to facilitate the processing of your insurance claim in a fair and timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

At United Restoration, we understand the confusion and stress that each of our clients face when disaster strikes. We also understand that each situation calls for a unique plan of action, depending on the circumstances and property type. Below are a few questions that clients often ask. Understanding these questions and answers below should better acquaint you with preparing for, and dealing with, disaster.

My home, building or facility has had an emergency. Who do I call?

Whenever disaster strikes, the first priority is to ensure that everyone in the building is safe. Should there be a safety issue that raises concerns, it is imperative that the building be evacuated and 911 is called.

After the situation has been stabilized, damage mitigation should begin as soon as possible as to prevent additional damage. United Restoration’s 24 Hour Emergency Response Team should be called at (844) 329-1969.

Given that we are proudly locally owned and operated, all of our team members that have been trained to deal with emergencies. Our local agents will request basic damage and contact information, and at the same time – our Emergency Response Team will begin the immediate process of rushing to your property. If your property does not require an immediate emergency response, we will make arrangements that fit your schedule for a free, on-site inspection and damage assessment. If you plan on filing an insurance claim, your insurance carrier should be reach as well to open a claim so United Restoration can work directly with your insurance company to expedite the process.

How long will it take United Restoration to respond to my emergency?

On average, we have succeeded in responding to all emergencies within 10 minutes. Unlike our national competitors that estimate 1-2 hour responses, choosing a company like United Restoration that is locally owned and operated can be the difference between a minor loss and a total loss. Response times may vary depending on traffic conditions, weather, and other unforeseen events.

Why do I need to sign a work authorization form?

Before any work on your property can begin, one of our team members will ask you to sign a work authorization form. This form is crucial as it gives United Restoration permission to perform work in your building or facility. No work can begin until our clients have signed our work authorization forms.

How do you set your rates?

Property restoration rates are industry wide set rates that are calculated and produced by using advanced software such as Xactimate. None of our rates are arbitrary, and often it will require our team to work together with the on-site technicians to evaluate detail by detail, exactly what kind of work will need to be done. This is often done after the emergency phase, and you will be informed every step of the way. We have succeeded in always offering the most cost-effective options to all of our clients.

Will my insurance company cover me for your services?

United Restoration has great relationships with many insurance carriers because of our proven track record of providing honest and transparent billing and estimates for every project. Additionally, we use Xactimate for estimating as it is the industry-wide accepted estimating program used by insurance carriers and adjusters, which allows for ensuring industry-standard pricing and––hopefully––the quickest insurance claim resolution. United Restoration cannot make any determinations of coverage, and all questions relating to coverage should be directed to your carrier and adjuster.

Who performs the work? Will you subcontract any of the work?

All of United Restoration’s cleaning and restoration services are performed by highly trained and certified in-house technicians. This allows us to work with a team that we trust to represent us to enter our client’s homes and building, while performing work that accurately reflects our standards.

Work will only be subcontracted by a United Restoration approved vendor when a project requires electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, demolition or reconstruction.