When there is a disaster you have emergency services and first responders, then have your recovery teams. United Restoration provides disaster recovery services throughout Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Ft Lauderdale, South Florida and Wellington. A disaster leaves a great deal of damage and mess behind. First responders will deal with the immediate threat and injuries, but they don’t clean up the mess and restore your property. For that there are disaster recovery companies such as United Restoration.

Disasters can come in many shapes and forms such as a fire, floods, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, accidents, terrorism and more. Whatever the nature of your calamity, you need to move fast to protect your assets from further damage and loss. You also need to get your life back on track. A disaster recovery team can help you do just that. Apart also need to move fast to avoid compromising your insurance coverage. After a disaster, you will need every cent of insurance money to help you recover.

A disaster recovery team will assess the damage, construct a recovery plan and help you with insurance claims. Once the situation has been assessed, the recovery team will secure your property. A disaster will likely leave your property in a compromised and unsafe condition. Making your property safe and protecting it from the elements and other threats is an important part of what a disaster recovery team does.

Once your property has been secured, the cleaning and salvaging can begin. Water, smoke, soot and debris need to be removed and everything needs to be dried and sanitized. A recovery team uses specialised equipment and skills to complete this phase of the process. After that the actual repairs, building and construction work can begin. The end result is that your property will be restored to pre-disaster, if not better state.