Disaster recovery when you need it most

If you need disaster recovery services in Aventura, Coconut Creek, Cooper City, Davie, Deerfield Beach or Fort Lauderdale, then United Restoration can help. Their fast response team provides same day service and they can help with the recovery and restoration process for both residential and commercial properties.

There are many events that can result in severe property damage. These include natural as well human events. Storms, hurricanes, fires, flooding, accidents, meth labs and so on. The normal emergency services and first responders play an important role but they don’t clean up the mess. For that you have disaster recovery services.

If your property has been damaged and compromised by some catastrophe, you need to act fast. If the situation is not addresses, the damage will only get worse. You also want to narrow the window for opportunist criminals to take advantage of your compromised property. Insurance is another important aspect. Your insurance coverage will likely have clauses that deal with disaster recovery and related time frames.

A disaster recovery team will do full site inspection and come up with a recovery and restoration plan. Often in of the first tasks a restoration team must deal with is security and safety. This means they must make your property safe for workers. They also need to protect your property against the elements, vagrants, criminals and wild life. This could involve roof tarps, board ups, structural support, temporary fencing and so on.

Once your property is secure the actual recovery and restoration work can begin. This process could involve several ask such as cleaning, sanitizing, water removal, smoke removal, odor removal, drying, salvaging and more. It also requires careful documentation and record keeping.

Once the cleaning and recovery tasks are completed the actual construction work can begin. Soon your property will back to pre-disaster condition, if not better.