Early leak detection will prevent bigger and more costly repairs down the line

What might seem like an insignificant leak today can become a much bigger problem down the line. Once a leak is there it won’t go away by itself – it will only get worse. You might have a leak and not even know about until it is self-evident. Leak detection and repair can prevent bigger problems in the future. And you don’t want more problems or bigger problems.

United Restoration performs leak detection in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Delray Beach and Pembroke Pines. Finding an invisible leak can be quite tricky and difficult. Leak detection experts often use cutting edge tools and technologies to detect and find leaks. One such technology is infrared imaging.

United Restoration technicians use advanced FLIR Infrared Cameras as well as high-tech moisture meters to find hidden and invisible leaks. They can find bits of moisture behind walls, in ceilings and below floor surfaces. They can also trace early signs of mold and rotting.

When a leak is left unattended it will gradually get worse. It will become a cancer that will start eating away at your wooden panels, your rafters, your ceilings, your walls and other structures. It can cause damage to cables and wiring and even pose a fire risk. Where there is moisture there is the risk of mold. It does not take mold spores long to find moist hosts. And once mold sets in the infestation can soon get out of hand.

Early detection is equivalent to prevention. It is better and cheaper to deal with a problem when it is small. It is better to deal with a storm in a teacup than a storm in the ocean. This is true of all things in life and leaks and water damage are no exception. So don’t hesitate to call the leak detection professionals when you suspect something is wrong.