Disaster Recovery, Leak Detection, Mold Removal, Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Davie, FL

United Restoration is a long-standing Davie, Florida flood damage control resource, and we will always be standing by to help if water damage becomes a threat to your home or business. People who live and work in this extraordinary Broward County town enjoy many benefits. It is a hub for higher education, and it is firmly embedded in the broader metropolitan area, so everything that you could possibly want or need is at your fingertips. We have helped many families is this area over the years, and we provide water removal and flood restoration services throughout the entirety of Davie, FL, from Town Center to Playland Village to Pine Island Ridge and beyond.

Davie, Florida Disaster Recovery Specialists

Clearly, South Florida is a desirable place to live, but tropical storms are always going to be a threat. It is important to recognize this and develop a plan so that you are ready to respond when and if troubling weather reports start to circulate. If your home or business is compromised, a speedy water damage control response is of the utmost importance. We have built our business on our commitment to lightning fast responses to Davie, Florida water extraction calls. Our expert technicians will typically be on the scene in about 10 minutes, and this rapid response time can make all the difference. Plus, we know that water damage can occur at any hour of the day or night, so we are available to our clients 24/7/365. Insurance is usually a source of concern when we respond to a water damage call, and this is another area that we have covered. Our on-site insurance specialists can make sure that you take the right steps to report the damage to your insurance company. In addition to our disaster recovery efforts, we also provide leak detection services if you think that something may be going on behind a wall or a ceiling.

Mold Remediation for Davie, FL Residents

Water damage can stimulate mold growth, so a water removal and flood restoration job will often include mold removal and mold restoration. Our company is a turnkey disaster recovery resource, so we can handle all of the mold remediation tasks for you as well.

We’ll Be Here When You Need Us!

Any time you need a Davie, Florida disaster recovery resource, call United Restoration at 954-979-8500.