Disaster Recovery, Leak Detection, Mold Removal, Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Miramar, FL

When you live in Miramar, Florida flood damage is always a real and present danger. Of course, there can be internal sources of water damage that can occur anywhere, like broken pipes behind walls or ceilings. Our company, United Restoration, will always be standing by to assist you under these circumstances, because we have advanced leak detection and water restoration capabilities. However, here in Broward County, tropical storms and hurricanes are always looming during hurricane season, and it lasts for almost half of the year. This is a reality that everyone should address so that you have resources in place if flood damage ever threatens your home. We are that type of resource, and we provide rapid disaster recover responses to all parts of Miramar, Florida, from the Route 441/Miramar Parkway area west to the Route 27/Hollywood Boulevard section.

We are not using the term “rapid responses” as a marketing term that really translates to “whenever we can get there.”  The people here at United Restoration take our responsibility to members of the community very seriously. Our average response time to Miramar, Florida flood damage control emergencies is just 10 minutes, and this is something that sets us apart from other flood restoration companies. Plus, we never turn off the lights, and we never close the doors. Our emergency response team is poised to spring into action 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we don’t take holidays off. Since we are a turnkey, comprehensive disaster recovery resource, our on-site insurance specialists can help you initiate your claim if you ever contact us to handle a water extraction and water restoration job.

Miramar, Florida Mold Remediation and Restoration

Flood damage can include mold growth, and this is also an area of expertise for our company. We can handle all of the mold removal tasks, and we can provide effective and affordable mold restoration services.

World Class Customer Service!

In our business, we usually do not have leisurely, laid-back conversations with clients who are testing the waters. The people who call us often need help under trying circumstances. We fully understand this dynamic, and we have built our business on kind, empathetic and responsive disaster recovery services. Any time you need to speak with a Miramar, Florida flood restoration company that truly cares, call United Restoration at 954-979-8500.