Disaster Recovery, Leak Detection, Mold Removal, Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Weston, FL

For residents of Weston, Florida water damage can take a heavy toll. It is no secret that this area of the country is often hit by tropical storms, and hurricanes also strike periodically. These natural occurrences can facilitate the need for disaster recovery services, and of course, sometimes water removal becomes necessary because of internal factors. There can be leaks behind ceilings and walls, and you may not notice them at first. If you see signs, like moist patches and unusual smells, leak detection will be called for, and water restoration will follow after the leak has been detected and stopped. We founded United Restoration to respond to Weston, FL flood restoration calls. United Restoration’s team, with almost 30 years of combined experience, has been  providing leak detection, water removal and restoration, and disaster recovery solutions for people in this area, and we take our responsibility to the community very seriously. The clock is ticking when you have water damage spreading throughout your place of residence. With each passing moment, the damages get worse and worse in many instances. A rapid response is crucial, and we have built our business on quick response times. After you call us, we will be at your door within 30 on average. Plus, you will never get a recorded message telling you to call back during regular business hours. Our Weston, Florida water removal hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, and we never take a day off. Even if you need a response to water damage on a major holiday at two o’clock in the morning, we will be there to help mitigate your losses and restore your quality of life.

Weston, Florida Mold Removal

In addition to our disaster recovery, leak detection, and flood restoration services, we also specialize in mold removal, mold remediation, and mold restoration. This type of growth can have a debilitating effect on your property, and it can come about as a result of flood damage, but there can be other underlying sources. Our Weston, FL mold removal experts can identify the trouble spots and apply modern mold remediation techniques to stop the problem in its tracks. Subsequently, we can kick our mold remediation efforts into gear.

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