You just need to visit an abandoned building to realise the destructive nature of mold. There are many things you don’t want in your home, mold is one of them. If you need mold removal or inspection in Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach or Delray Beach, then United Restoration can help.

If your property has suffered water damage or has a leak, then the potential for mold infestation is high. Mold can set in within 24 hours of moisture intrusion in your home. Some types of mold you can see, and other you can’t. Apart from visual identification, you could also detect mouldy odors. Oher tell tail signs of mold infection are sudden allergic reactions as well as breathing and related health problems.

One thing is sure, if you suspect mold, you need to act fast. It won’t go away by itself, in fact it will get worse. That is why you need fast and effective mold removal and remediation at the first sign of trouble. Mold is attracted to moisture so any mold removal process will need to deal with the moisture problem as well.

A mold removal team will dry out the breeding ground of mold using advanced drying techniques. Mold is often an invisible intruder and requires expert detection techniques. The mold removal team will detect all affected areas and isolate those areas. Infected materials and structures may need to be removed and replaced. Materials also need to be cleaned, dried and decontaminated. A mold removal team will use commercial grade chemicals and detergents to help with the cleaning and disinfecting process. The mold removal contractor will also fix moisture problems to prevent a new infestation.

Whether you can see mold or suspect mold fast action is important. Mold can take hold within hours so it is not something to procrastinate about.