Dehumidification & Drying

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After a water damage or flood, United Restoration’s Emergency Response Team will employ professional dry-out, and water damage mitigation services.

Moisture remains in drywall for 1-3 days, while laminate flooring, wood and concrete may take up to 2 weeks to fully dry. There are strict requirements and principles involved with accurately drying out buildings, and our team is committed to employing the necessary processes and dehumidification equipment to properly dry out your property. United Restoration trains every member of the Emergency Response Team under IICRC S500 industry standards for professional water damage restoration, and each member is highly trained in psychrometrics (the science behind drying).

United Restoration’s Dehumidification & Drying Process:

  • Extraction of Standing Water
  • Moisture Measurements Throughout Structure
  • Leak Detection
  • Dry-out of Building
  • Disinfection/Sanitization

Often, after a water damage, water becomes hidden and leads to more damage. United Restoration’s technicians are trained to detect these possible wet areas through the use of Infrared Technology, Moisture Detectors and Thermo-hygrometers.

Our inventory of drying equipment, which includes air movers, air blowers, axial fans, dehumidifiers and industrial water extraction vacuums gives us the capacity to provide the most immediate response to a high volume of clients during times of crisis.

Our clients find comfort in knowing that all of our client’s properties are left dry, mold-free, and safe after a restoration project.

Should your property suffer from water damage, leaks or excess moisture, call our team now before the damage gets worse: (954) 979-8500

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