As an IICRC Certified Firm, United Restoration is required to have an IICRC-certified technician present on all job sites. The assigned technician(s) must be certified in all categories of services being performed on the job site for which IICRC offers certification and must perform or supervise the job site work.

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All Supervisors and Technicians at United Restoration understand the principles of biohazard cleanup and microbial remediation as per IICRC, NAERMC, and State of Florida standards. Additionally, all Supervisors and Technicians at United Restoration maintain familiarity with the equipment and supplies necessary to conduct biohazardous cleanup and microbial remediation, and with the methods for calibration and operation of such equipment.
All Supervisors and Technicians at United Restoration appreciate safety hazards presented by biohazardous cleanup and microbial remediation, and follow the procedures and protocols necessary to protect building occupants and themselves from such hazards, including following safety regulations, employing safe work practices, and using personal protective equipment appropriately. This is some additional testing text!!.
Our team recognizes the legal and liability issues surrounding biohazardous cleanup, and as such, our team is capable of assisting government, commercial, and residential personnel in following effective sanitation and cleanup procedures after an event, as well as completion procedures designed to return the property or area to its pre-event condition.
United Restoration’s team conducts remediation projects according to the appropriate specifications and scope of work, while maintaining thorough project documentation throughout every step1 of the remediation and restoration process. This includes work logs, digital photographs, and regularly updating the relevant government, commercial, or residential contact.
The requirements of our staff to work on any government, commercial, or residential project will include prior experience working on biohazardous cleanup, upholding IICRC standards, and passing background checks. All United Restoration staff are required to remain drug-free.
The knowledge of the inner operations and priorities of Florida government agencies, commercial properties, and residential homeowners makes United Restoration a strong, reliable partner for property owners throughout Florida.