United Restoration provides disinfection services to governmental, commercial (office spaces), and residential homeowners throughout Florida. 

We have been facilitating biohazard remediation services, such as the disinfection of mold, fungi, and certain viruses, since 2006. We use potent disinfection chemicals approved by CDC and EPA for comprehensive virus elimination.

Your Trusted Partner in Virus Disinfection

With the ongoing spread of certain viruses, we are prepared to be your trusted partner in cleaning and disinfection. 

We are implementing several measures to guarantee continuous services for our government, commercial, and residential clients. These measures aim to mitigate liability and infection risks effectively. 

They require a skilled Biohazard Response team, EPA-registered antimicrobial chemicals, PPE, and air fogging machines for decontamination.

All of these measures greatly contribute to effective disinfecting and cleaning services.

Infectious Disease Cleanup Company Pompano Beach FL

Commercial / Industrial

Hospitals, hotels, offices, warehouses, restaurants, and other businesses rely on us for one-time and weekly/bi-weekly proactive cleaning. 

Residential Homeowners

No deep cleaning job is too big or too small. Contact us for disinfecting, cleaning, and fogging at your residential home or apartment.

Florida Government

Our biohazard cleanup is held to the highest standard as a government contractor. We offer top-notch services to government entities and ensure a safe and sanitized environment.

Best Price Guarantee

Our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the nation. The national average price for infectious disease cleaning like United Restoration's services is $2.39/sq ft, with matching certifications, experience, and licensure. 

Professional disinfecting services offer this service competitively, ensuring thorough and effective sanitation.

Under our Best Price Guarantee, if another company with similar qualifications quotes a lower price, we may match it.

United Restoration will respond by organizing the Emergency Biohazard Response Team and collecting preliminary information regarding the project. This stage involves opening a project file for documenting and uploading data to our cloud upon arrival at the affected location.

Additionally, we will obtain the preliminary information to deploy the resources needed to begin remediation in a timely manner.

Overview of Our 4-Step Workflow


United Restoration, a premier provider of coronavirus disinfecting services, will promptly deploy the Emergency Biohazard Response Team to address the situation. Additionally, they will gather preliminary information regarding the project. 

Upon arrival at the site, we'll open the project file to document and upload information to our cloud storage. Additionally, we will obtain the preliminary information to deploy the resources needed to begin remediation in a timely manner.


Upon arriving at the scene, the Field Supervisor will work with you to assess the site of all safety concerns. They will begin mitigation protocols to minimize further spread or cross-contamination.


Our team, specializing in office and home disinfection service, will begin sanitization by air fogging an EPA-registered virucide solution. Air fogging disinfects and kills viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Our team will then perform a wipe-down with the virucide solution for customers who ordered Hospital Grade Forensic Disinfection. It will include thoroughly wiping all surfaces and furniture (drawers, door handles, phones, etc.).


Once we have performed the sanitization, the site should be uninhabited for 2-3 hours to allow proper drying. At this point, it will be safe for humans and animals to return to the property.

Safe and Efficient Disinfection

At United Restoration, we strive to ensure your safety and well-being. Please give us a day's notice for cleaning jobs, though same-day or evening arrangements are possible.

After disinfection services, employees can return to work the next day, but the property must stay vacant for two to three hours.

The disinfectants leave a temporary residual odor akin to "fresh linen," similar to common household multi-purpose cleaners. This odor typically subsides after two hours. 

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