Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Restoration

United Restoration provides Fort Lauderdale water damage restoration and repairs to homeowners and businesses throughout the area. 

Our goal is to transform an abnormally wet, potentially damaged structure into an environment of equal or better appearance and cleanliness than before the water intrusion occurred and to do so by the most economical and efficient means possible.

Since 2006, United Restoration has repaired residences, offices, schools, and government buildings for flooding. For flood damage repair in Fort Lauderdale, call our certified technicians for 24/7 repair and restoration.

Mold Removal Fort Lauderdale

Mold growth at your location can quickly develop into a critical issue that demands prompt attention. Residential and commercial properties facing moisture problems or having experienced recent or past flooding incidents are particularly susceptible to potentially hazardous and life-threatening mold growth.

United Restoration has a team of extensively trained professionals specializing in mold remediation equipped to handle mold repairs and mitigation in government, commercial, and residential properties.

They are equipped to address mold-related issues in houses, offices, furniture, carpets, drywall, upholstery, and any other area where removal services may be required. Furthermore, United Restoration's Emergency Response Team offers round-the-clock mold damage repair services.

Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

Experiencing a fire in your home can be extremely distressing, risking your family's sense of security. Moreover, fires can instantly disrupt business operations, impacting the company and its customers.

Understanding the root causes of fire is vital to prevent it, as immediate action needs to be taken within 24 to 48 hours to mitigate additional harm. Therefore, if a fire damages your property, a skilled fire damage repair crew becomes essential for quickly stabilizing the structure.

United Restoration guarantees thorough fire damage restoration services in Fort Lauderdale, eliminating residual chemicals, water, and hazardous smoke odors. Their comprehensive approach facilitates the successful restoration and mitigation of damage to your building.

Fort Lauderdale Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is a specialized and necessary service that involves thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring a location where a crime, accident, or traumatic event has occurred.

At United Restoration, our mission is to support our customers in trauma and crime scene cleanup by delivering the highest quality cleaning services and maintaining open lines of communication to cater to their unique requirements and preferences.

Rest assured, our team will work diligently to bring you peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss competitive pricing and learn more about how United Restoration collaborates directly with your insurance company for streamlined billing processes.

Disinfection Services Fort Lauderdale

Our virus cleanup and sanitization methodology includes thorough cleansing, disinfection, and the appropriate disposal of infected materials as biohazardous waste. 

Using CDC and EPA-approved chemicals, we perform air fogging and wipe-down procedures to ensure the complete elimination of the coronavirus and other viruses. We continually uphold the confidentiality of our clients and projects and strictly follow demobilization regulations for all equipment, trucks, and trash storage areas.

Our Emergency Response Team is ready round the clock, 365 days a year, to promptly eradicate the virus and prevent its transmission.

Insurance Companies We Work With Include:

  • USAA
  • Allstate
  • Towerhill
  • Typtap
  • Nexxus
  • Progressive
  • FedNat
  • Citizens
  • And More...

Biohazard Cleanup Fort Lauderdale

Biohazard cleanup ensures the safe removal, decontamination, and restoration of areas affected by biological hazards, protecting the immediate environment and the health of individuals who may encounter these hazards.

Our technicians at United Restoration are trained to adhere to OSHA and health regulations while safely cleaning and eliminating biohazards. Our extensive experience makes us excel in restoring your hazardous environment to a secure and hygienic state.

A Reputation That’s Hard to Beat

During water damage cleanup, the best response team, such as disaster restoration cleaners, is the difference between recovery and total loss. 

Rely on United Restoration, with a proven track record and solid relationships with leading insurance providers, to manage your Fort Lauderdale water damage restoration and repair.

Unlike other water damage cleanup companies, United Restoration DOES NOT use Assignment of Benefit contracts.

United Restoration Customers Include:

  • Florida Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Residential Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Government Buildings

A Commitment to Fort Lauderdale Businesses & Homes

United Restoration was founded on a commitment to provide Fort Lauderdale and North Lauderdale businesses and homes with the most immediate damage restoration and repair. Our specialists are trained in FEMA.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How does United Restoration estimate water damage restoration costs?
    United Restoration uses Xactimate® to produce estimates for water damage restoration costs, the most widely used estimating program in the insurance industry.
    2Do you work with my insurance company?
    Yes! We work with leading insurance companies both nationally and locally based in Florida.
    3How long will the restoration process take?
    The time to extract water, identify sources of water damage, repair structures such as drywall, and test and remediate for mold depends on the damage's extent.

    Rest assured, United Restoration, a reputable disaster restoration company, is available 24/7 to begin repairing your water damage immediately.
    4Does United Restoration test for mold?
    Yes. United Restoration's IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Team employs the most advanced remediation techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

    We outsource every mold sampling to independent mold testing companies.
    We provide services throughout Fort Lauderdale and North Lauderdale FL, including 33068, 33309, 33319, 33301, 33304, 33305, 33306, 33308, 33334.