Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services in West Palm Beach

United Restoration is your steadfast partner for restoration and repair services. As a disaster restoration company in West Palm Beach, FL, we're dedicated to aiding homeowners and businesses in rebounding from various water damage incidents, be it floods or hurricanes.

Our mission during the cleanup and extraction process is more than restoring — it's about elevating affected spaces. We aim to revive structures to a state that surpasses their pre-damage condition and boasts enhanced cleanliness and aesthetics. Our goal is efficiency without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness.

Water-related disasters don't follow schedules — they can strike unexpectedly, even during holidays. Our commitment is unwavering. We confront these challenges head-on through our disaster restoration services.

Our emergency response team is open 24/7 and is dedicated to serving the West Palm Beach community and its neighboring areas. We're always ready to assist precisely when you need us the most.

West Palm Beach Mold Remediation and Repair

Mold problems can swiftly escalate, especially in West Palm Beach. Properties, whether homes or businesses, dealing with moisture or prior flooding face the risk of hazardous mold growth.

Immediate action is vital. Rely on United Restoration for effective mold damage repair and mitigation. Our skilled team, experts in mold remediation, handles mold issues across various properties, from commercial to residential spaces.

Additionally, our Emergency Response Team operates 24/7, extending our mold damage repair services throughout the city. Trust us for swift resolution of your mold concerns.

West Palm Beach Fire Damage Restoration & Repair

Experiencing a residential fire is a profoundly unsettling event for families, while for businesses, it can disrupt operations abruptly, affecting both the company and its clientele.

Understanding fire causes is crucial for prevention, and in case of a fire, swift recovery efforts within 24 to 48 hours are vital to limit additional damage. Thus, having a disaster restoration team is essential for rapid facility stabilization.

Our expert team is primed to respond urgently whenever a fire occurs. We pledge a prompt 24/7 response, equipped with extensive training and state-of-the-art tools for a swift and efficient recovery process, aiming to promptly restore normalcy in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach Crime Scene Cleanup

Precision and care are non-negotiable for crime scene cleanup involving bodily fluids. These sensitive situations demand immediate attention to prevent the spread of the disease.

At United Restoration, we don't just clean — we empathize. Our tailored approach and transparent communication cater to the unique needs of West Palm Beach. 

We swiftly respond with a dedicated 24/7 disaster team, offering unwavering support year-round. Restoring your space is our mission, providing solace amid the aftermath of distressing events.

Unlike other water damage cleanup companies, United Restoration DOES NOT use Assignment of Benefit contracts.

United Restoration Customers Include:

  • Florida Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Residential Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Government Buildings

West Palm Beach Disinfection Services 

The impact of infectious diseases like COVID-19 since 2020 has been a sweeping tide of devastation, upending lives and communities alike. This unprecedented challenge has deeply affected families, businesses, and the very fabric of society.

The urgency for swift disinfection to ensure safety has never been more critical in West Palm Beach. United Restoration's dedicated Emergency Response Team remains vigilant and available 365 days a year. 

We understand the profound disruptions and anxieties these situations bring. Our team employs the latest disinfection protocols and technologies, meticulously ensuring that every corner and surface is thoroughly treated, allowing you to regain a sense of security in your environment.

At United Restoration, your safety is our foremost concern. Beyond mere disinfection, our disaster and restoration services aim to create a shield of protection, instilling confidence in a cleaner and safer environment for you, your family, or your business.

Amidst the uncertainties, count on us as your reliable partner, dedicated to restoring your sense of security and normalcy.

Insurance Companies We Work With Include:

  • USAA
  • Allstate
  • Towerhill
  • Typtap
  • Nexxus
  • Progressive
  • FedNat
  • Citizens
  • And More...

Biohazard Services West Palm Beach

Biohazards, encompassing biological and chemical threats, pose severe risks to people, animals, and the environment. Neglecting these dangers can have profound repercussions, affecting individuals, households, and businesses.

United Restoration is your reliable ally for West Palm Beach biohazard services. Our adept technicians undergo specialized training adhering to strict OSHA and health regulations. Our team is primed to promptly eliminate contaminants, ensuring meticulous cleaning, sanitization, and deodorization of affected properties.

Unmatched Reputation, Commitment, and Proficiency

In the wake of a catastrophe, having the right response team can make or break the recovery process. Rely on United Restoration's proven disaster restoration services, backed by solid insurance partnerships, to manage your restoration needs effectively.

Our disaster restoration company operates round-the-clock, 365 days a year, prioritizing your safety and environment restoration. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How does United Restoration estimate water damage restoration costs?
    United Restoration uses Xactimate® to produce estimates for water damage restoration costs, the most widely used estimating program in the insurance industry.
    2Do you work with my insurance company?
    Yes! We work with leading insurance companies both nationally and locally-based in Florida.
    3How long will the restoration process take?
    The time to extract water, identify sources of water damage, repair structures such as dry wall, and test and remediate for mold is dependent on the extent of the damage. Rest assured United Restoration is available 24/7 to begin repairing your water damage immediately.
    4Does United Restoration test for mold?
    Yes. United Restoration’s IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Team specializes in employing the most advanced mold remediation techniques, coupled with state of the art equipment.

    United Restoration outsources every mold sampling to independent mold testing companies.