United Restoration offers professional crime scene cleanup in Florida to commercial and residential property owners across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, including trauma and other hazardous situations.

About Us

United Restoration is a family-owned and operated business, we empathize with family members and relatives during grievances. We provide the highest quality cleaning services and communication to meet specific needs and requests.

Suppose you need professional cleaning services in the event of a crime or trauma at your property. We are fully equipped and ready to respond to your needs.

We are confident that our expert crime scene cleanup services will not only restore your residence or place of business. It will also help bring peace of mind during a difficult mourning period.

Call today to speak with a representative about competitive pricing and how United Restoration works directly with your insurance company for billing.

Our Process

We handle cleanup tasks indoors (buildings, vehicles) and outdoors (pools, patios). These include but are not limited to:

  • Sites where a murder has occurred
  • Sites where a suicide has occurred
  • Sites where a body has decomposed (putrefaction sites)
  • Sites where a violent attack has occurred (blood and bodily fluids are present)
  • Sites where human fecal matter is present
  • Sites where blood is present

We encounter diverse job sites, honing expertise in trauma cleaning, particularly as a crime scene cleanup company. Before commencing work, we establish containment barriers to prevent cross-contamination. Sites typically feature unaffected, transition, and work areas, with precautions to avoid cross-contamination and designated storage zones for cleaning supplies and equipment.

Our technicians are fully equipped to handle potentially pathogenic and hazardous materials. Our full PPE (personal protective equipment) gear includes:

  • Full-face respirators with eye protection
  • Full body suits
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Hard hats & knee pads

Biocides (Antimicrobials)

We prioritize decontamination by using biocides, or antimicrobials, to eradicate microorganisms while ensuring low toxicity. 

Our crime scene cleanup technician selects items for cleaning based on value and replaceability. Porosity determines cleanability — while semi-porous materials like drywall are treatable, saturated items like carpets may require disposal.

Our cleanup process involves applying biocide, removing contaminated materials, detergent cleaning, rinsing, secondary cleaning, and final biocide application. Occupants must vacate during biocide application. The process aims to effectively sanitize spaces, adhering to EPA regulations and ensuring safety during and after cleanup.

Special Considerations


In Florida's humid, hot climates, odor and decay thrive, aiding our technicians in promptly diagnosing odor issues. Our primary odor controls, oxidizers, require cautious application due to their potential fabric color alteration and fiber damage.


Automobile upholstery and carpets are typically not cleanable due to contamination penetration. When cleaning crime scenes, we employ containment measures to capture excess water runoff while washing vehicle exteriors.

Tear Gas & Luminol

Before cleaning tear gas and luminol sites, we'll verify its composition with the authorities. Tear gas cleanup usually involves HEPA vacuuming, akin to removing drywall dust. 

At crime scenes, we'll consult investigators to identify luminol or fingerprint dust powder and use the suitable cleaning agent accordingly.

Putrefaction Sites

Putrefaction sites yield trauma scenes with increased bodily contaminants, odor, and insect activity, necessitating extensive removal of tainted materials. 

Our crime scene cleanup protocol involves cutting 6 inches beyond visible contamination on subfloors. The remaining components are cleaned, painted with encapsulating paint to seal odor, and treated using HEPA filtration, wet fogging, ozone, hydroxyl generators, thermal fogging, and drying.

Waste Disposal

We adhere to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard for proper disposal according to federal, state, and local rules. Florida mandates licensing for biomedical waste generators and transporters.

Clearance Testing

Technicians use ATP testing for post-remediation verification (PRV), ensuring quick clearance in minutes and covering the affected area, including aftermath crime scene cleanup. Third-party evaluators ensure the quality of our cleanup services. If clearance fails, we re-clean at no extra cost to the client, especially for public crime scenes.


We thoroughly document all our service jobs, including crime scene and trauma scene cleanups, in compliance with the S540 Trauma Scene Standard.

This documentation includes detailing the work performed and items removed from the scene.

If there's a need to alter the scope of work or deviate from the standard, we issue a work change notice to the client to document the agreed-upon changes.

Your Trusted Crime Scene Cleanup 

At United Restoration, our skilled technicians specialize in crime and trauma scene cleanup, equipped with comprehensive expertise in safety protocols, empathy-driven care, effective cleaning techniques, thorough decontamination, and proficient odor control.

Contact us today to ensure the meticulous restoration your space deserves.